dnx RTOS Configuration

Configuration Wizard

The project contains several files which can be configured. The main configuration folder is localized in the ./config directory. Besides, most drivers and file systems contain their own configuration file. The configuration depends on the driver platform. In the project there is a configuration wizard that helps users to configure the entire project. To start this program, enter the following expression in the command line:

make config
dnx RTOS configuration GUI

dnx RTOS configuration GUI

The configuration wizard is compiled for Linux and Windows systems. The Makefile script automatically detects your system and starts proper program.

Project Compilation

To compile the project go to the project’s main directory, open the command line in the project’s root folder and type:


If everything is correctly configured, then the building process starts working and finally, you can find compiled binaries that are ready for programming in the build folder.

System Startup

The system startup is realized by initd daemon – a program that starts first. The startup program can be selected in system configuration. The startup phase is divided into few parts; each part does specific actions, e.g. mount file systems, initialize drivers, performs a network connection, and so on. The system startup depends on the needs of a user and the system application. User as startup program can select the final application if needed.

Example implementation of the initd program is stored in the ./src/application/programs/initd/initd.c file.