22 Jan

dnx RTOS version 1.5.4 Antelope

22 Jan 2015

New Features, Improvements

  • Added new configurations
  • Decreased ROM usage in some configurations
  • Configtool: corrected project configuraiton script to be faster
  • Configtool: the import of the configuration with unknown CPU architecture is disabled
  • Configtool: release version is added to the title bar
  • Configtool: tool uses save questions instead of discard
  • Configtool: added status and tool bar, removed Save buttons from configuration forms
  • Configtool: added tooltips to the AFIO configuration
  • Configtool: added pin configuration propositions in the GPIO configuration script
  • Configtool: added clock tree window to the PLL configuration
  • Configtool: added a new program creator
  • Configtool: added more network configuration options (basic and advanced)
  • Configtool: added initd configuration. From/to BSP can be imported/exported initd configuration as well.
  • net: added a new interface: net_conn_get_host_by_name() that resolves IP address by host name (by using DNS)
  • Makefile: added flash and reset targets (targets are connected to the scripts)
  • Eclipse: added Configtool to the External tools
  • GPIO: defined pin that is not connected to any input/output (pin NONE)
  • Added SLRE library (regular expressions)
  • BSP: board support package for zl26arm and STM32USBcomp development boards added
  • reimplemented mbus library
  • Updated kernel to FreeRTOS V8.1.2
  • Cleanup net.h library

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed net.h library (compiler error when network disabled)
  • Fixed PLL module in the Configtool
  • LOOP: module uses not C99-standard union construction
  • Configtool: fixed bug in the GPIO configuration script (issue #124)
  • TTY: problems with printing single characters (issue #139)
  • printf(): fixed problem with %c and other formats (issue #134)
  • Ethernet: fixed long pings and reimplement ETHMAC module and network manager (issue #151)
  • Mutex: object delete causes a negative value of kernel memory usage (issue #152)

Release download

git clone -b Release-1.5.4 --recursive --depth=1 https://github.com/devdnl/dnx-rtos.git
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