14 Mar

dnx RTOS version 1.6.0 Butterfly

14 Mar 2015

New Features, Improvements

  • Added lua library (with lua and luac programs)
  • Added time.h library
  • Added RTC module
  • Added “b” flags to the fopen() function
  • Added Kernel Panic message from last fault session
  • Added new interface function: program_get_exit_code()
  • Added new network library functions: net_conn_set_receive_timeout() and net_conn_set_send_timeout()
  • System monitor adds programs’ stack size to the used memory
  • Decreased RAM usage by system objects (file, mutex, semaphore, etc)
  • Better seperation of software layers
  • Implemented SNTP daemon
  • Reimplemented Telnet daemon (allow to run any program)
  • Reimplemented HTTP daemon (simple HTTP server)
  • Applied new list implementation for core components (core, fs)
  • Renamed programs

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed kill message of “top” program (missing fflush())
  • Fixed _program_new() function (invalid initialized object)
  • Fixed realloc() function (old implementation works out of standard)
  • TTY: fixed REFRESH_LAST_LINE and flush() requests
  • Fixed memory leak in pipe implementation
  • Fixed memory leak in mbus library

Release download

git clone -b Release-1.6.0 --recursive --depth=1 https://github.com/devdnl/dnx-rtos.git
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