Latest dnx RTOS version from GIT repositiory

To download the project with latest released code, clone repository:

git clone
cd dnx-rtos
git submodule update --init --recursive

Released dnx RTOS versions

Date Version
14th March 2015 dnx RTOS 1.6.0 “Butterfly”
22nd January 2015 dnx RTOS 1.5.4 “Antelope”
7th October 2014 dnx RTOS 1.4.1
7th August 2014 dnx RTOS 1.3.8
10th January 2014 dnx RTOS 1.2.3
25th October 2013 dnx RTOS 1.1.0
18th July 2013 dnx RTOS 1.0.0

Release changelog

Read changelog to learn more about newest release.

Development version

This version can be unstable and buggy. Use only in a development purposes, not in a production.
Download the latest development version [develop branch]