dnx RTOS 2.2.0 "Eagle"
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AFM Driver (Alternative Function Module)


Driver configure alternative functions of microcontroller e.g. JTAG pins disable, external interrupt pin assignment, GPIO remap, etc.

Supported architectures


Meaning of major and minor numbers

There is no special meaning of major-minor numbers. The peripheral is only accessible by using major-minor set to 0.

Driver initialization

To initialize driver the following code can be used:

driver_init("AFM", 0, 0, "/dev/AFM");


driver_init("AFM", 0, 0, NULL); // without creating device node

Driver release

To release driver the following code can be used:

driver_release("AFM", 0, 0);

Driver configuration

Entire driver configuration is realized by using configuration files in the ./config directory or by using Configtool.

Data write

There is no possibility to write any data to the device.

Data read

There is no possibility to read any data from the device.