dnx RTOS 2.2.0 "Eagle"
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DCI Driver (Digital Camera Interface)

Detailed Description


Driver handles Digital Camera Interface.

Supported architectures


Meaning of major and minor numbers

Major number means peripheral number of camera interface (camera0, camera1, etc). Minor number should be set to 0.

Numeration restrictions

The STM32F4 support only one camera interface, so major number is limited to 0. Minor number has no meaning and should be set always to 0.

Driver initialization

To initialize driver the following code can be used:

driver_init("DCI", 0, 0, "/dev/video");

Driver release

To release driver the following code can be used:

driver_release("DCI", 0, 0);

Driver configuration

Only static configuration is possible via configuration files (Configtool).

Data write

Writing is not possible.

Data read

Only full frame can be read at once. Other transfer sizes are not supported.

Driver parameters

User can get current driver parameters (related with frame size) by using ioctl() function with IOCTL_DCI__GET_PARAMS request.

Data Structures

struct  DCI_params_t


#define IOCTL_DCI__GET_PARAMS   _IOR(DCI, 0x00, DCI_params_t*)
 Get image parameters. More...

Data Structure Documentation

struct DCI_params_t
Data Fields
u8_t bytes_per_pixel

Bytes per pixel

bool JPEG_mode

JPEG mode

u16_t x_resolution

X camera resolution

u16_t y_resolution

Y camera resolution

Macro Definition Documentation

#define IOCTL_DCI__GET_PARAMS   _IOR(DCI, 0x00, DCI_params_t*)
[RD]DCI_params_t* image parameters
On success 0 is returned, otherwise -1 and errno code is set.