25 Oct

dnx RTOS version 1.1.0

25 Oct 2013

New Features, Improvements

  • simplified Makefile
  • created fast devfs file system
  • ioctl requests are calculated by special macros
  • applied inline functions instead of macros (where possible)
  • implemented queue support
  • implemented “X” and “i” flags in printf() family functions
  • simplified file system and driver layers (many changes)
  • some paths are corrected with CWD path
  • added init level to initd
  • improved CPU load measurement
  • removed not completed posix port
  • removed appfs and moved this functionality to procfs
  • added modules and file system templates
  • big improvement of GPIO driver, simplified pin configuration and usage
  • implemented system() function
  • corrected stdio.h library

Fixed Bugs

  • TTY initialization fault
  • fprintf() string terminator
  • NULL pointer bug if module does not allocate memory region
  • SDSPI: added interface function to mutex section
  • system crash if program parameters start with ” and ‘ characters
  • fatfs memory leakage

Release download

git clone -b Release-1.1.0 --recursive --depth=1 https://github.com/devdnl/dnx-rtos.git
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