10 Jan

dnx RTOS version 1.2.3

10 Jan 2014

New Features, Improvements

  • removed redundant c++ switches in c files
  • added stdin flush at program exit
  • added new key codes to TTY driver (end, pgup, pgdn, ins)
  • cleaned up standard headers, more logical libraries localization
  • pipe (in LFS and devfs) not blocks a program if stream is full
  • implemented SPI driver
  • implemented fully configurable STM32F10x PLL driver
  • corrected UART driver
  • implemented new TTY driver
  • corrected Makefile to support C++ files compilation (first approach)
  • added device lock, unlock functions
  • added network support using lwIP library
  • added netapi library which is supported by lwIP stack
  • changed names of API functions to be more intuitive (e.g. mutex_new(), mutex_lock, etc)
  • implemented errno.h and error support
  • divided API functions to few libraries (easier to obtain needed functions)
  • implemented thread functions in thread.h library
  • accelerated program execution, applied shared global variables with standard objects (stdin etc)
  • implemented pipe files in lfs and devfs file systems (mkfifo)
  • implemented timer.h library to support software timers in 1ms resolution
  • removed TRUE and FALSE definitions, use true and false defined in stdbool.h

Fixed Bugs

  • init_driver(): function doesn’t color messages
  • tty driver: new lines have incorrect lengths (too long)
  • kernel configuration: switched in/out macros are inversely assigned
  • system creates dead task if not enough free memory
  • LFS not report errors when not enough free space left
  • TTY incorrectly shows lines (doubles)
  • UART driver sometimes cuts data
  • in the PuTTY terminal the screen is incorrectly cleared (cursor not got to home position)

Release download

git clone -b Release-1.2.3 --recursive --depth=1 https://github.com/devdnl/dnx-rtos.git
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