07 Oct

dnx RTOS version 1.4.1

7 Oct 2014

New Features, Improvements

  • Added DMA support to the SPI driver
  • SDSPI driver use SPI interface from SPI module instead of direct access
  • Configtool: added possibility to import/export configuration
  • puts() family functions are disabled together with printf() family functions
  • User’s programs and libraries are automatically added to the project (without manual registration)
  • Added IRQ driver
  • Added I2C driver (master mode only)
  • Added LOOP driver (virtual module that can be used to realize e.g. discs, etc (USBOTG pendrive as /dev/sdb))
  • Added user space linked list library
  • Improved objects validation (mutex, queue, sempahore, file, directory)
  • Systematized files of the configtool
  • Added to the configtool a wizard that helps in creation of new modules (issue #110)
  • C++ support (programs, modules, and file system can be write by using C++)
  • int_main() macro can be used interchangeably with PROGRAM_MAIN() macro

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed bugs in the system monitor (linking error occured when major of features are disabled)
  • Fixed bugs in several files, dnx/misc.h was not included directly what causes compiling errors
  • modinit: fixed interpretation of driver_init() status (issue #95)
  • SPI: fixed release function (issue #96)
  • TTY: clear screen of not active terminal (issue #97)
  • Fixed tasks killing if are in the mutex section (issue #92)
  • Fixed memory and resource leaks (issue #105)
  • Fixed rewind() function (issue #104)
  • Fixed ICMP ping response (issue #111)
  • Fixed mbus double type declaration (issue #112)

Release download

git clone -b Release-1.4.1 --recursive --depth=1 https://github.com/devdnl/dnx-rtos.git
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