23 Apr

dnx RTOS version 2.0.0 Cheetah

23 Apr 2017

New Features, Improvements

  • File system cache subsystem
  • Added processes
  • Simplified system structure
  • Improved system stability
  • Implemented separated system and application stacks
  • Improved network layer
  • Added new drivers
  • Added new file systems (EEFS, EXT2,3,4)
  • Any program can be used as boot daemon
  • Decreased RAM usage by static variables
  • Moved additional programs to separated repository: https://github.com/devdnl/dnx-rtos-app
  • and more…

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed USB device driver
  • fopen(): incorrect behavior of “a” and “a+” modes (issue #156)
  • readdir(): return object instead of pointer to object (issue #157)
  • and more…

Release download

git clone -b Release-2.0.0 --recursive --depth=1 https://github.com/devdnl/dnx-rtos.git
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